About me

Saskia de Korte


My art is a reflection of myself. My drawings display my inner world. I draw to escape from reality and everyday life. In my work I get to explore magical places and meet mythical figures. Sometimes my drawings are a bit dark. I am attracted to melancholy themes; a bleak landscape with dark mountains and a foreboding sky.

Many of my pieces are about beauty and drama. A book, a film, a song or landscape can evoke powerful emotions within me. I enjoy capturing a dramatic moment and transferring my feelings to other people. I make a lot of fan art, partly out of love for the original work, partly because I want to connect with others.

Even when I’m not drawing, I’m thinking about drawing. I look at the world as an artist: which colours and textures can I see on a tree trunk? How does the perspective of this street work? What effect does sunlight have on the colours of the city? There’s something beautiful or interesting to discovery in almost anything.

Do you want me to draw something for you or do you have another question? Please feel free to contact me.